I am a peace writer and activist.I have just  returned from visiting the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul, a peace delegation and solidarity visit through Voices for Creative Nonviolence UK

In 2005 I became involved with the London Catholic Worker in its work of hospitality and faith-based nonviolent resistance. I have taken part in nonviolent direct action, to the point of arrest and conviction, against nuclear weapons, the use of weaponised drones and the DSEI arms fair.

In December 2014 I travelled to Kabul with Voices for Creative Nonviolence UK to visit the Afghan Peace Volunteers. You can read my blog posts about this time here

Recently I have returned from staying at Maria Skobtsova House in Calais, France, where I joined the community in their work of visiting and offering hospitality to refugees from the ‘jungle’ camp, daily prayer and household chores.

 I have been part of the London Catholic Worker for nearly ten years. All views my own.

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  1. Henrietta – I have a box of new picture books and early readers (children’s agent I work for clearing her shelves). Would they be useful for any of your projects?
    Jane (Liza’s mum) 24.4.2017

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