Katrina Blannin-Local Colour

triangles‘The quotidian greys and Indian reds of skies and brick walls are punctuated with the unsaturated hues of pink garden roses, blue ice cream, sherbet lemon and crocheted wool. 

This is how the press release describes the colours Katrina uses. The crocheted wool makes me feel very uncomfortable, could snag your finger nails on that. Luckily I saw no such thing when I arrived far too early.

Katrina’s work appears at the gallery, Eleven Spitalfields .

The paintings would look good in a modern space, hung on concrete rather than on a painted surface. These colours against concrete would be great. I preferred the paintings to the prints.  Paint gives the density of colour, the red reminded me of an Italian rasperry sorbet. You could also mention a sixties exhibition catalogue. Made me also think of the way people talk about the atlas; each country has to be a different colour from its neighbour but they only use a few colours. The kind of thing you’re supposed to know on University Challenge.


On the way home I got distracted when I watched man on phone buying half a pint of milk with his credit card at the automated Tesco.

Katrina Blannin-Local Colour

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