Last I went to the Royal Ballet to see Isadora, a sort of docu-ballet about the life of Isadora Duncan. She sounds a bit like Madonna, collecting children and husbands, but mercifuly died young. The main attraction for me was the way the dance told the narrative,which I found completely absorbing but it kept being interrupted by a voice over, old footage of building New York, of racing cars, Singer sewing machines. She was married to Mr. Singer at one point. All so long ago-she arrived in Paris in 1900. She didn’t think much of jazz. Imagine what she’d think of our life now! She’d be ticking us off for being completely soulless. 

The audience were dressed up in her honour, some long scarves and large brooches, long velvet drapes. Then Dances at a Gathering which I never liked, seen it before when I was a teenager,but I suppose there’s a connection with all those Chopin Nocturnes.


4 thoughts on “Isadora

    1. Henrietta says:

      Thanks very much for the mention Dance Advantage. Not sure of blogging etiquette but this is the first time anyone has made a comment on this blog. Hurray

      1. Hope I brought a few people to your site with the mention! I found you while researching Isadora for the post. I love when people share their thoughts on dance and performance.

  1. V, Krueger says:

    I just did a “google” search for Idadora, and this one came up. I too, as reading the book, A SENSATIONAL LIFE… of her life, came to a conclusion that she was a ” Madonna” of her time….She was though, an inspiration as she never conformed to any one, or any society.

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